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Android SQLite Tip 2 – Use compiled SQL statements

August 16, 2011


In my last article  I talked about SQL Lite inserts on Android being optimised using a transaction. Another method I’ve found that speeds things up dramatically is to use compiled SQL statements with the SQLiteStatement class. I can’t believe I hadn’t used these before, I actually think working with a compiled statement is much nicer than working with the  standard SQL […]

Android SQLite tip 1 – Wrap batches of writes in a transaction

August 16, 2011


I’ve been working on the Shhmooze Android app. When the app is first run there are quite large amounts of data that need to be downloaded and persisted to an Android SQLLite db on the device(around 200o records). I was running into an issue where these writes to the db were taking a very long […]

Getting Started with RabbitMQ on Android – Part 1

June 3, 2011


I’ve been writing a series of posts about how to use RabbitMQ with .net. I initially started using RabbitMQ so I could push live price feeds to my white-label Android trading app VisualSpreads.  So I thought  it was now time to write an article about how to use RabbitMQ with Android. As Android is Java you can […]

Snow Storm Live Wallpaper Released

May 8, 2011


On Friday I released a little App in the Android market called Snow Storm Live Wallpaper. It does what it say on the tin, It’s a wallpaper with animated snow.  This is all cool but what really amazes me is the number of installs since Friday, it’s been installed nearly 600 times, this is crazy! […]

Launching an Android app from the Android Webkit browser

May 6, 2011


With my latest app VisualSpreads I wanted to integrate a user registration process. I already have a registration form on my website so I thought I should reuse this in my app. The plan was as follows: 1.) The user clicks a register button in the app, this fires up the android browser and loads […]

VisualSpreads Demo Released

May 6, 2011


I’m very pleased to announce I’ve just released an Alpha version of my white-label trading app to the Android market. You can get it here

Options for running a Flash site as an Android App

April 29, 2011


I recent went to see my friend Jamie who owns the language learning website for school children – . Languagenut have an existing website with the guts of it written in flash.  Jamie asked me to come over and discuss the options for getting his site into app form and these are the options I came up […]