I’m a 33 year old creative, experienced and friendly Technical Lead. My main work is at Pretty where I lead a small .net development team mainly working on the ETX Capital website. In my spare time I’ve been setting up my own Android development company AT Platforms as well helping my wife build her startup herbal tea company Tea Dragons.

I have skills and expertise in many technical areas, I currently develop mainly in asp.net MVC and Android. I’ve been the architect and lead on many highly technical and critical projects in the financial space. I’ve also released several android apps.

As well as technical skills I also have a good understanding of design, I undertake all of the design and UI/UX for my projects outside Pretty

My new company AT Platforms is completely boot-strapped, I have got this far using spare time and savings. To continue building my company, I need some more flexibility so I’m looking for contract/freelance work to aid this. I’m also considering a full-time move to (the right) tech startup to gain experience and contacts(and hopefully equity) to aid the eventual success of my own company.

I love designing and building things and in the process finding creative solutions to problems. I like nothing better than a well built finished system.

My dream is to build a highly successful product based company.

Please email me if you would like to talk in person – simon.dixon@atplatforms.com



I have over 10 years experience developing on Microsoft platforms and have been working with .net for six years. I’ve been architect and developer of a number of real-time spread betting websites written in .net and Javascript. More recently I have been leading the ETX Capital international expansion.


I’ve been coding Android since 2008 and have a number of apps in the Android market. My first, MicroJam was a finalist in the Android Developer Challenge II and finished in the top 20 of the media category. My most recent app is VisualSpreads is a white-label trading application that I hope to sell financial institutions.

Technology(in no particular order)

Android, asp.net MVC, SQL Server, C#, Java, RabbitMQ, Javascript,  HTML/5, CSS, nUnit, TDD,  Azure, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, SVN, T4 templates, Resx and Flash(if I have to..)


Projects at Pretty

Role: Technical Lead/Developer

ETX Capital International Expansion

Dates: 2010 – Now

Technology: asp.net MVC 2, Jquery, SQL Server 2005, Resx.

The latest project I’ve been running is the expansion of ETX Capital into Europe. We’ve produced new websites for France, Italy and Germany. We also upgraded all dynamic content to run on asp.net MVC 2.

ETX CRM (intranet site)

Date: 2009

Technology: asp.net MVC 2, LINQ to SQL, Jquery, SQL Server 2005.

This project tied together several disjointed database systems into an easy to use bespoke CRM system.

ETX Seminars (intranet site)


Technology: asp.net MVC, LINQ to SQL, Jquery, SQL Server 2005.

A seminar/event booking system written in asp.net MVC.

ETX Capital Website – http://www.etxcapital.co.uk

Dates: 2008 – Present

I lead the team involved with on-going maintenance and improvements to the ETX Capital website.

ETX Capital Online Trading Platform – http://www.etxcapital.co.uk

Dates: 2008

Technology: asp.net 3.5, Webservices(JSON), Javascript, Microsoft AJAX, SQL Server 2005

Tradindex become ETX Capital as well as re-branding the website, we built a new trading platform from the ground up. My team produced a highly optimised and rock-solid Javascript trading platform that is still in use today.

Tradindex Online Trading Platform v2 – http://www.tradindex.com

Dates: 2005 – 2008

Technology: asp.net 2.0, Webservices(JSON), Microsoft AJAX, SQL Server 2000

This is the second Trading system I produced for TradIndex. I ran the team migrating the existing IndexTrade system to asp.net. The project involved reverse engineering several VB COM objects and completely re-writing them in C#. We also updated the site to be a client-side Javascript app using the Microsoft AJAX V1 framework running off .net webservices.

John Ross – http://www.johnross.co.uk

Dates: 2003

Technology: Flash, Actionscript 2

I used to be an occasional flash coder, this was the last flash website I wrote. A photography portfolio site.

Tradindex Online Trading Platform – http://www.tradindex,com

Dates: 2003 – 2005

Technology: asp 3.0, Sql Server 2000, Javascript src injection

This was my initial work for Tradindex(who became ETX Capital). I built their initial online trading offering running off a COM back-end supplied by IndexTrade. The system compromised of an old-school asp 3 website written in VB with Javascript live prices supplied using SRC injection.

Android Apps

VisualSpreads – http://goo.gl/sww0e

Technology: Android(Java), asp.net MVC 2, RabbitMQ, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2008, Azure

My latest app, a white-label trading app. I’ve built a skinable front-end Android app and a basic back-end trading platform written in .net and hosted on Azure(for demo purposes). I am currently in the process of finding a buyer for this App.

Snow Storm Wallpaper – http://goo.gl/6UKUX


I little experiment with Live Wallpapers. I initially created this at Christmas to give away to the Londroid group as a Christmas present.

Finandced – http://www.streetappschallenge.com/solutions/19

Technology:Android(Java), Thompson Reuters Data API.

My entry to the Thompson Reuters StreetApps Challenge. This is no longer available in the Android Market as the API was only available for the duration of the completion. A demo video is still available.

MicroJam – http://goo.gl/tKuXR

Technology:Android(Java, C++), FruityLoops, Audactity

My first Android app and a finalist in the Android Developer Challenge II. I developed the app and produced the loops a user can remix.

MicroJam – House Sample Pack – http://goo.gl/bPNZs

Technology:Android(Java), FruityLoops, Audactity

An add-on loops pack for MicroJam.

Other projects

AT Platforms – http://www.atplatforms.com

Role: Founder/Developer/Designer

Technology: Android, asp.net MVC 2, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2008, Azure

The company which I am in the process of building.

Windlip Custom Snowboards – http://www.windlipsnowboards.com/

Role: Developer/Designer

Technology: asp.net, LINQ to SQL, SQL Server 2005

Windlip asked me to create logo and e-commerce website. The logo is still used on all Windlip boards. They paid me with custom snowboards 🙂

Tea Dragons – http://www.teadragons.com

Role: Owner/Developer/Designer/Chief Tea Taster

Our(Hannah my wife and myself) herbal tea business. I have designed the logo, packaging, labels and website. I also built the online shop which is ruining on shopify. I am in the process of designing labels and packaging for a new soft drink we are launching. Day to day running of the company is handled by Hannah.

FASBET – http://www.ehorsex.com

Role: HTML/Javascript developer.

I built the initial front-end protoype for the FASBET betting exchange. Using the prototype they acquired their first client – ehorsex.

Glut Buster – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJD_wUqGh1A

Role: Illustrator/Scriptwriter/Producer

I created this video to pitch for start-up funding from Innovate 10. This is my dream service that I want to build when I’ve made my Tech millions.(or when I find someone to fund it)


I have :

BSc In Computing

HND in Software Engineering

GNVQ Advanced in IT


When I’m not working or coding(this isn’t very often) I like to:

Play with my Kids

Mountain Bike


Sea Fish

Hunt for wild food

Forage for mushrooms

Make cider

Brew beer

Make Curry

And back before kids, when I had more time and disposable income I used to:

Play in a samba band

Play in an indie-rock band

Produce electronic music



One day, I’ll do all of these again!


Email – simon.dixon@atplatforms.com
My posterous (lots of lovely mushroom pics) – http://simondixon.posterous.com/
My own productions on last.fm – http://www.last.fm/music/longhairedsi/Free%2520Icecream?ac=longhairedsi
My personal blog – https://simonwdixon.wordpress.com
Twitter – @longhariedsi

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  1. Hello sir,

    I am Pritam Upadhyay. I want to develop a messaging system or chat system based on RabbitMQ. I found your blog “Getting Started with RabbitMQ in .net” [https://simonwdixon.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/getting-started-with-rabbitmq-in-dotnet/]. It proved very useful for me as i am totally new to RabbitMQ.
    I have created demo app from your code. It works perfectly. But one thing that i am not able to understand/figure out that “Application is not closed” completely even if i close it from title bar.

    Can you help me out with this problem?

    [Git : https://github.com/PritamUpadhyay/RabbitMQChatApplication%5D

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pritam Upadhyay

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