Tea Dragons Bottle Labels

Posted on July 14, 2011


I’ve just finalised and sent to print the first bottle label for our new Tea Dragons Herbal Infusions drinks range so I thought I’d share it.

The  (very tasty)drink is called Elixir of Love and  the flavour is based on Rose and Hibiscus. We are going for an old-school look with a modern twist.

So first step was to find a model for the label, we wanted a classic looking girl, preferably an actual old photo.  After lots of trawling we found this lovely 1800’s photo of a perfect lady from Graphics Fairy.  As a side note, I discovered while doing this that pretty much any picture/painting/photo produced before the 1920’s is fair game to do whatever you want with(with a few caveats.)

As we had a rose drink, we wanted some roses on the label so again we went trawling for vintage rose pictures. There are a surprising number of websites giving away free scanned old-school images but most of ours came from the Graphics Fairy. I used the roses and photos to create this concept poster.

Elixir of Love Concept

And then with a little tweaking and re-creating in illustrator I produced this final bottle label.

Tea Dragons Elixir Of Love Bottles

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